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Our mission is to give our clients run their business and let us run the IT part of the business as a partner. We accomplish this by delivering the right combination of business and technology expertise to our clients through cost-effective solutions, pro-active support, and an exceptional client experience. This results in our clients developing more efficient and profitable organizations. Our success is measured by the personal and financial success of our clients, our employees, our company, and our service to our community.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Any business irrespective of size needs to have a backup and disaster recovery solution, at the least a backup solution if not then you need to get one now. Businesses with less than 5 people and with information they save, must have at least a minimalistic solution deployed, Period. The cost is well under $1500 for a system that will give at least 8 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity. A No Brainer.

What is Backup

What then constitutes a backup? In short, backup is copying your files to another storage media. This can be through a tape backup, a secondary computer, a NAS or a cloud hosted backup solution. The technology that you choose will depend on your needs and financial budget.

Backup Importance

The importance of backup cannot be stressed enough. Backup protects your data in case of employee accidents (deletion, corruption or sabotage of critical files), theft (PC or Notebook stolen and with data that was saved locally) and he most obvious Technical issues (Hard disk crash, corruption of system). With an adequate backup, you can be confident in accessing your data for restoration purposes with ease.

Disaster Recovery and NAS

Technology has evolved and so has the methods used for backups, naturally what we used 30 years is no longer acceptable as standard, the days of the tape drive are nearly over, now only used as backup for archival solutions, current backups favor Network Attached Storage (NAS) that allows data to be stored and shared centrally, with little or no ongoing maintenance costs, the NAS has grown in demand stupendously in the last decade.