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Cyber Attacks Will Destroy the Soul of Your Business


Cyber Attacks Will Destroy the Soul of Your Business

Why is Cyber Security important to your business? You want to stay in business right?

Information security is something you should be thinking of now before your network is compromised, not after.

More and more we hear of companies experiencing network breaches. In most instances, the breach affects large organizations. Most recently, these breaches are happening to smaller companies that are known to have limited security capabilities making them easy targets for a multitude of vulnerability exploits.

There are many different software and device choices on the market. How do you know what to use and what you actually need? Can you put a price on reliability, piece of mind, and the security of your customer and proprietary information? As part of a business continuity plan, what are your plans if the power goes out? How can you recover the time lost? What if all of your customer information was erased? How would you recover the time spent trying to get the information back or restored to your system? What if you are unable to restore the information because a backup plan was not put in motion?

Recently a local organization was the target of a Phishing Attack. The attack targeted only a few known email addresses. The email sent appeared legitimate, but was socially engineered to have the recipient enter information about their bank. Once the information was entered, the sender had the information they needed to begin taking money from the account. This is actually a Spear Phishing Attack because the attacker chose to attack a specific target. This sort of attack can happen to anyone, but can be detected if you know what to look for.

Where are all of these vulnerabilities coming from?

Everyday new vulnerabilities emerge more capable and more devastating than their predecessors. The people looking for these vulnerabilities are usually of a White Hat nature, meaning they are finding the issue to find the solution. Others tend to take the Black Hat approach meaning they are looking to find a way into your network.

Keep in mind Penetration Testers (Pen Testers) are the exception to this rule. Pen Testers are the guys who hack your network and other systems professionally to test your network and security strength.

Where are all of these vulnerabilities coming from? As we are all human, or at least, I hope we are, we make mistakes and overlook certain criteria which leave a hole or vulnerability.

This leads to many people hacking to find these vulnerabilities. In turn, this has put software meant for benign intentions into the devastating hands of Script Kids. These are inexperienced people who write malicious software and use the tools without any concern for anything they may harm. This leads to businesses, organizations, or individuals getting hacked or breached and information being damaged or totally destroyed because of sloppy intrusion and exit tactics.

Consider companies such as Target, Anthem, Chick-fil-A, Sony, U.S. Postal Service, Home Depot and a multitude of others have been hacked and/or breached. They have spent Millions of dollars and had the information of close to 300 Million people stolen or lost due to security issues that were previously thought of as unimportant. If these same companies had spent a little more to secure their systems, personal information theft and the sudden rush to secure everything could have been avoided.

Building a good defense now has the potential for a fat wallet later. Unless you dont like money that much, then by all means feel free to dump it all on recovering your lost information.

Addressing it from a responsibility perspective, Cyber Security avoidance should no longer be an Option. In fact, it really should be the law. Hacking and breaches can cause severe damage to a great many innocent people.

Your action to secure your company is a wise and responsible action to do.

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