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Our mission is to give our clients run their business and let us run the IT part of the business as a partner. We accomplish this by delivering the right combination of business and technology expertise to our clients through cost-effective solutions, pro-active support, and an exceptional client experience. This results in our clients developing more efficient and profitable organizations. Our success is measured by the personal and financial success of our clients, our employees, our company, and our service to our community.

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Work Smart and Don’t Be Hacked.

Why does a business need network security?

Work Smart and Don’t Be Hacked.

New vulnerabilities emerge every day and there will always be people to exploit those vulnerabilities. This means that you and your business are at risk of having your valuable information compromised. As information breaches such as Target and many other large names become more and more frequent, it becomes very clear that information security is something that every company should take interest in and discuss as part of their business plan.

Information security is important as a business owner, not just because of the information taken, but the downtime associated with the intrusion. Intrusions are not just hackers, hacktivists, or script kids.

Intrusions can also be:

  • bots (programs designed to perform an autonomous task)
  • malware (the program that hurts your computer or information)
  • Ransomware (the software that locks up your computer or holds your information until you pay the person controlling the software.)

All of these intrusion types can bring a barrage of headaches because they can spread through your network, creating compromised data and downtime for your company which in turn generates a loss of revenue.

vulnerability and prevention

At Nextech Centers, we are more than capable of handling most network security tasks. We are capable of testing your network for potential vulnerabilities, setting up network security devices and functions, as well as performing regular maintenance and network monitoring. In other words, we can find the holes in your network, perform best practices to patch these holes and monitor the system to make sure nothing and no one punched new holes in your network. With our employees continuously training in the latest vulnerability and prevention devices and techniques, we can add an extra piece of mind for you and your customers. Nextech has the right service for the job because we do IT right.

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